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Latent Memory

Tonight I decided to bring up 3 rolls of film, which I found in my pocket after the New Year’s party. I remember that I took the old camera (Mamiya m645) irresponsibly with me to take some nice picture. I also took a radio trigger and a modern flash.

After waking up in the morning, there was some memory about taking pictures, but in total it was not known who and to whom, the more I was surprised by 3 rolls with the word EXPOSED.

The films were poorly secured, so they developed a little – which can be seen in the form of smoke at the edges.

I am going to the basement. Cold. I return with chemistry to the kitchen under the eye of painted Audrey, by the way testing a freshly purchased sleeve for non-photon operations.

The mood is, “experimentale” released from the radio fill the room. The water in the reactor made of turtle temperature and aquarium heater begins to reach.

Here’s what came out. Little came out. Maybe three somehow exposed frames, probably one nice picture of my wife.
We’ll see after scanning.

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