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Data Archivization

TAR Archiver – Nextcloud To meet the needs of collecting more and more files or multimedia...

White Wolf

A short report from a great birthday party of my friends. We met far from civilization...

Westerplatte Digitalization

Today at Toucan Systems we faced an interesting task. On the occasion of one of the...

Reconstruction of the battle – Gdańsk Wisłoujście (1577)

We had the pleasure of filming the reconstruction of the battle that took place at the...

The story of Franciszek Godek

One of interviews made in Chłopy (Baltic sea). Photography and direction Łukasz Łowiec-Wygoński Scenario and assembly...

Astrolabium Manual

We have done “instructable movie” how to use old navigation and time devices. Those devices was...

Exhibition about money.

Exhibition made by Toucan Systems for one of biggest banks.

Lighthouses museum in Northern Poland

One of Toucan Systems (https://toucan-systems.pl) exhibitions about hisoty of Polish lighthouses.

Home of Mikołaj Kopernik in Toruń

One of our excibition: Home of Copernicus

Centre of History and Art in Swarzędz

Exhibition made by Toucan Systems.

Centre of Science “EC1” – Lodz

Exposition partly created by me with Toucan Systems crew.

Fishing village in northern Poland.

Interviewing local citizens. We heard a lot of heart touching stories.  

Expo Parade 2017 – Astana, Kazakhstan

Future Energy Expo Parade – 2017

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