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TAR - Nextcloud Archiver NAS server and LTO drive

TAR Archiver – Nextcloud

To meet the needs of collecting more and more files or multimedia materials – we have created an unusual solution. TAR archiver that combines the features of a classic NAS data server and LTO magnetic tape recorder.

The above solution in the main assumption is to enable both home users and administrators of complex IT systems the easiest possible access to data archiving technologies known, among others, from CERN, where the collection and processing of large amounts of research data is one of the key issues.

What is a NAS data server?

Physical or virtual (virtual machine) device equipped with memory storage (hard drives) often connected in a RAID array. The device is connected to a home, company or global computer network (Internet).

The device is to provide permanent access to your files, such as photos, videos, documents. Access to files is via the network from any device you have. (Phone, tablet, computer and even an interactive photo frame).

Such files can be easily previewed, downloaded, edited and even shared with others!

Archiwizator TAR - Nextcloud w aplikacji mobilnej

Aplikacja mobilna dająca dostęp do zgromadzonych plików


Archiwizator TAR - Nextcloud Serwis www

Widok panelu do zarządzania plikami


Working together

The collected data is stored at your home or business and available on all your devices via the Internet. The refined Nextcloud tool, which is included in the TAR archiver software, also allows you to share documents, edit jointly, or provide multimedia materials such as photos and videos to clients.

And it’s completely free without having to pay for services such as Google drive, Sharepoint or Dropbox. All you need is one device TAR Archiver – Nextcloud and stable Internet access.



You will collect all data on your own hard drives, you can be sure that you are sending files to your home or business, not to foreign servers. The disks in our archives are connected in a RAID1, RAID5 or RAID6 array depending on the model. This means that even if some disks are damaged, your data will remain secure.

Files that you collect on hard drives can be easily encrypted so that in case of loss of the device no one can read sensitive data from it.

Access Channels – SSL + VPN
Thanks to the use of SSL encryption for shared files, and AES-256-CBC for a VPN connection, you can use any Internet connection (Cable network, LTE) and the device will first connect to a secure router in the data center, and then only through an encrypted tunnel will connect to the Internet .

Archive on LTO magnetic tapes
Any data collected on your devices and on the archiver itself can be recorded at any time on a cassette (cartridge) with a capacity of up to 12TB, and thanks to the long life of this type of media, properly protected data can last for tens of years.
Taśmy LTO przy sejfie

All data recorded on tapes are indexed by the Elastic Search system and then encrypted with a very strong algorithm. Thanks to this, you can easily search the archive of all your magnetic tapes, and the data collected on them are available only to the holder of a special certificate.

Optimization and low cost

  • Thanks to the simplicity of the solution, all you have to do is connect your device to the internet. If you want, you can use our network solution and your data is secure and available immediately.
  • You don’t have to pay for external cloud services such as Google Drive or Microsoft Sharepoint.
  • Relatively cheap LTO tapes allow you to create cheap backups of all your data. LTO3 cassette with a capacity of 400GB / 800GB (with compression), in our store you will get for less than 80 PLN.



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